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How to Deal with Change with Ease and Grace

How to Deal with Change with Ease and Grace

Do you struggle with change? Dread transitions like moving or a new job? I used to have a very difficult time with change – in fact I hated change. Even the seasons changing would send me in an orbit of stress and discomfort. But since adapting these 5 tips into my life, change comes easily and naturally to me now – in fact, I absolutely love change! In today’s post I’m going to share my best tips for how to deal with change with ease and grace

As I shared last week, I recently moved back to New Hampshire. The move went super smoothly and I felt really great the whole time, so I wanted to share some tips with you to help you through times of change and transition.

The following tips are all ones that I personally do anytime I’m going through a change, transition, or a difficult time in general. They help keep me grounded and sane so I can deal with stress gracefully!

1. How to Deal with Change with Ease and Grace: Get clear on your priorities and how you want to feel

While none of us want to feel scattered and stressed during times of change, often times that’s exactly how we end of feeling.

Once we get super clear on what our priorities are, how we want to feel, and take action accordingly, everything flows better.

For our move back up to New Hampshire, my priorities were enjoying as much of the beach as possible before moving back North. I love the beach, so I really wanted to take advantage of the beautiful North Carolina beaches before I left. I wanted to feel really grounded, centered, and present during the move – and the beach, as well as these other 4 tips – helped me feel this way.

2. How to Deal with Change with Ease and Grace: Get organized

I use a weekly calendar that I print out and write on weekly to stay organized. Some people like calendars on their computers or phones, but for me, taking a few minutes each week to physically write out calls, meetings, appointments, and to-dos helps me stay focused and organized.

I print out the weekly calendars 4-5 weeks at a time and keep them with me in my laptop bag. By writing out your tasks, whether by hand or electronically, gets all of the clutter out of your head and into an organized fashion. Being organized helps ease stress and keep you on track for all of your important tasks.

3. How to Deal with Change with Ease and Grace: Unplug

I have been super committed to being present – while at the beach while I was in North Carolina, and with my family now that I’m back in New Hampshire (hence my lack of pictures and blog posts this past month).

How to Deal with Change with Ease and Grace

The view is much better when I put the phone down and just take it all in!

I was actually at the beach one morning and watched as a mother held her phone in front of her face for over an hour while her children played in the waves around her. She was taking pictures of them, calling people, and who knows what else. I couldn’t help but think, “How sad. She’s missing out on what’s really important here – making memories with her kiddos while at the beach.”

How annoying is it when you’re having a conversation with someone and they are constantly looking at their phone?! Don’t be that girl.

Put the phone down. Be present with your family and your surroundings. You’ll be amazed at much more you’ll enjoy the moment when you’re not checking your Facebook newsfeed.

Plus, technology can be super draining on your body. Taking a break is good for your health – both mind and body. I aim to unplug at least 1 day a week (typically Sunday), but lately I’ve been unplugging the whole weekend and it feels so good. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

4. How to Deal with Change with Ease and Grace: Healthy eating

Times of change often brings loads of take-out. Am I right?! 

I feel like this is especially true when you’re moving.

In order to stay on track with my healthy eating, I committed to these 3 things each day: 1 green drink a day (smoothie or juice) to get my veggies in, starting each day with a low-glycemic protein smoothie to keep my blood sugar in check (I use this one – if you’d like to purchase some to try yourself, email me at and I’ll save you up to 20%), and always going for options with lots of veggies when eating out or getting take-out (like salads).

Plus, I always, always, always take my daily vitamins. This is especially helpful when you’re eating out a lot, to help boost your immune system and fight off inflammation from excess carbs and sugar.

When you take care of your body and fuel it right with quality nutrients, both from foods and supplements, you feel better, think clearer, and stay energized.

Check out this post I did a few months back where I show you how to eat healthy in just 30 minutes a day! 

How to Deal with Change with Ease and Grace

5. How to Deal with Change with Ease and Grace: Exercise

Every morning I take my dogs for a 20-30 minute walk. Every. Single. Morning. (Weather permitting) I did this throughout our entire moving processes, both last year and this year. It really helped me de-stress, and helped keep the dogs calm throughout the changes as well. Pets struggle with change just like we do, so keeping their energy calm is just as important as keeping yourself calm.

Other workouts I did during both moves to help me de-stress: yoga (3-4x a week) and running (1-2x a week). The important thing here is to do what you enjoy, what feels good to your body. This is what works best for me and my body. 

Now I’d love to hear from you! What’s your biggest tip for dealing with times of change? Feel free to share in the comments below!

To being stress-free!

Andrea Hood

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